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Whether your business is seeking professional guidance for a short-term project or initiative, outsourced managed security services, or tactical professional services, we can help. Please see our service offering categories below for more information on how we can help your business meet its cybersecurity or regulatory compliance goals.

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Outsourcing managed services can be a cost-effective way to reap the benefits offered by cybersecurity technologies without taking on the burden of managing them in-house. For organizations looking for outsourced cybersecurity services, we offer the following:


Black Cipher offers the following proactive and response driven professional services designed to help organizations take the initiative in addressing cyber risk or respond to, investigate, and contain a cybersecurity threat.

  • Penetration Testing 

  • 360° Risk Assessment 

  • Digital Forensics 

  • Incident Response 

  • Compromise Assessment


Our advisory services are the perfect solution for businesses seeking outsourced executive security leadership, guidance on policy and procedure development, establishment of a security program, and general security consulting.

  • Virtual CISO 

  • Virtual DPO 

  • Security Advisory 

  • Regulatory Compliance Advisory 

  • Table Top Advisory

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