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Outsourcing cybersecurity services can be a cost-effective way to reap the benefits offered by cybersecurity technologies without taking on the financial and management burden by managing them in-house. For organizations looking for outsourced cybersecurity services, we offer the following:



A CISO, also known as a Chief Information Security Officer, is a senior level executive responsible for aligning information security initiatives with enterprise programs and business objectives, which helps ensure critical data and information technologies are adequately protected. Black Cipher's vCISO service helps your organization achieve both strategic and operational objectives through initiatives such as, but not limited to:

  • Security program development


  • Compliance requirements


  • Policy and procedure development


  • Risk mitigation


  • Security project management


  • Data governance


A DPO, also known as a Data Protection Officer, is a senior level executive responsible for ensuring that an organization processes the personal data of its staff, customers, providers or any other individuals (also referred to as data subjects) in compliance with the applicable data protection rules of GDPR. Black Cipher's vDPO service is designed to help businesses develop a data protection strategy and implement it to ensure compliance with GDPR requirements.

Virtual CISO/DPO


Our security advisory services are general security consulting services designed for businesses seeking strategic or tactical guidance and is billed at an hourly rate. Organizations looking for assistance in choosing effective security technologies, navigating the cybersecurity vendor landscape, how best to approach secure network design and implementation, or need guidance with security best practices can benefit from this advisory service.

Security Advisory
gdpr (1).png


Our team of legal, technical and compliance experts can guide your compliance initiatives. From people, processes, and technology, we've got the expertise to get your organization compliant. Our regulatory compliance advisory services cover, but are not limited to:

  • GDPR


  • NY DFS 500




Regulatory Compliance Advisory


Black Cipher's table top advisory services are ideal for organizations looking to proactively test their incident response plans against common and not so common, but equally plausible, threat scenarios. This exercise helps root out weaknesses and gaps in an incident response plan with the aim of improving its all around efficacy and preventing the fog of war when an actual security incident occurs. Table advisory exercises can also be used to help organizations with no incident response plan see why it is so important to have one before something goes wrong.

Table Top Advisory


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